Prepare your mind and body for your baby.

a concious approach to conception.

Hey there future Mama-to-be

She believed she could so she did

What if I told you there are things you can do to naturally to improve your fertility to get pregnant and stay pregnant. What if I told you there is a way to believe in your body and your fertility, feel empowered and ready for mama-hood and create the baby of your dreams even if you have had multiple failed IUI's, IVF's or have been trying naturally on your own for months. 

Defy the odds


I'm here to tell you it is possible to defy the odds and have your dream baby. You are on your own unique fertility journey for a reason. I'm here to support you on your journey. You found this site for a reason.

I help women who are facing fertility challenges and who are truly ready to get pregnant realize their dream of mama-hood by restoring their fertility health and letting go of limiting beliefs and habits, so they can have an empowered fertility journey.

Your truth


If It Is your desire to be a mother you will be.

Client Love


"My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a little over 6 months when I went to Danisha for a Fertility Massage. She was knowledgeable, gentle, friendly, and encouraging. About 3-4 weeks after my massage, I found out I was pregnant! Very thankful and full of gratitude."



"I want to thank you from my heart for all the support that I received in these months, it has helped me a lot."

J.MB, 44


"After years of trying, we are now 8 weeks pregnant! I think working with Danisha helped me to be more confident about the whole process. I will continue to work with her throughout my pregnancy."

L.H., 39


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